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Allison’s enthusiasm for planning parties began during her career in corporate event planning for a major commercial bank. Later she was able to harness her experience and enthusiasm to create a full service event planning company. Her background in negotiation and problem solving, coupled with her natural inclination to take charge while keeping others calm, has propelled her success in the industry. Before founding her full service planning company, Allison’s Engagements, six years ago, Allison worked for DDM Entertainment, where she coordinated large-scale entertainment events and became completely immersed in all aspects of events.


Allison brings an unprecedented level of professionalism and drive to the table. She does everything within her power (and in some cases beyond her power) to make each component and every moment of an event exactly what her clients envision. Her unparalleled creativity helps her formulate unique concepts that make every event special. From start to finish, she finds ways to effortlessly guide clients through the process of creating beautiful, personal events – just the way they want them.

From the start, Lani had a passion for one of the most important aspects of creating a truly incredible  and unique event – food!  This passion, led her to the Institute of Culinary Education where she honed her skills and became a food expert. She then followed graduation by working under the tutelage of David Burke at Park Avenue Café.


From there, she became more taken with the event-side of the industry and began working for a leading upscale boutique caterer as the company’s Event Planner. On site and behind the scenes, Lani was instrumental in planning all aspects of diverse, multifaceted events.  The parties ranged from small intimate celebrations to large-scale bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, and at the grandest level charity gala events.  Lani's years in catering, provided her with the opportunity to cultivate all aspects of event coordinating including extensive individualized menu planning, site exploration, and room layouts and design, while also forming strong industry connections. Her vivacious personality, can-do spirit, and exquisite taste make every moment of planning a positive one.

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